If you enjoy making things, hoarding “parts” and laughing at other people’s failures, this is the place for you!

Picture of Matt (Brahmus) and MadilynHi, I am Matt (a.k.a. Brahmus). I spent much of my childhood being given cool gifts (chemistry sets, electronics kits, tools and scrap lumber, etc.) and never being able to use them. A lack of adult supervision (single parent) and my mother’s conviction that I was destined to “burn down the house” lead to many of my possessions being contraband.

Picture of Matt (Brahmus) and KarissaFast forward a few decades and I am now married and the father of two young girls (5 and 4 years old as of January 2021). As my girls get older I want to let them experiment with the cool gifts they receive and help them build whatever projects they dream up. Instead of saying “NO, you will burn down the house!” I would like to say “Let’s do this outside, so we don’t burn down the house.”

This website is documentation of my attempts to find that inner child (that never did burn down the house*) and let him play with his chemistry set.

I hope you are inspired by my successes (to make things of your own) and laugh at my failures. Thanks for stopping by.

TLDR: I have young children that I hope to engage with by building stuff.

* I nearly did burn down the house once, but it was unrelated to any of the banned toys. My brother and I successfully stomped out the flames. I suffered only minor burns to my hands and feet. My mom, to this day, is none the wiser.