When Cheap Batteries Leak in the Remote

We moved to a new house and just got our WiFi setup. Unfortunately, the remote for our Roku TV wasn’t working. We use the app on our phones as a remote. While the remote sat forgotten in a desk drawer the cheap alkaline batteries leaked and corroded the terminals. BUT… we needed the remote to connect to the new network. There was no way to do it through the menu buttons on the TV. Sanding the terminals in the control to get rid of the corrosion wasn’t working, and I had promised my kids they could watch TV after not having access for 10 days. They were not pleased, and began stomping around the house. The click was ticking:

Picture of a time bomb.
Courtesy of AbleIdioms / pixabay.com

I pulled the remote apart and checked the traces. Everything looked good, so it was most likely just an issue between the batteries and the board. I had AAA batteries but no carrier, but I did have an AA carrier. Careful positioning of the cells in the carrier and a pair of alligator clip leads and we were back in business.

Picture showing the dismantled remote control hooked up to a battery pack.

Now I need to clean up or replace the terminals and I should be able to have the control back in action. Saved a few bucks and some landfill space and more importantly didn’t have to listen to my kids bitch for a couple days while I waited on the replacement to arrive.

The batteries I use (and should have replaced before I tossed the remote in a drawer) are Panasonic Eneloop rechargables. They can be recharged 2100 times and work great for me. I bought a 16 pack each of AA and AAA. If you have kids or like small electronics these things are great.

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