When Cheap Batteries Leak in the Remote

We moved to a new house and just got our WiFi setup. Unfortunately, the remote for our Roku TV wasn’t working. We use the app on our phones as a remote. While the remote sat forgotten in a desk drawer the cheap alkaline batteries leaked and corroded the terminals. BUT… we needed the remote to connect to the new network. There was no way to do it through the menu buttons on the TV. Sanding the terminals in the control

Front view of bubble machine

World’s Crappiest Bubble Machine ™

My kid enjoys popping bubbles, but 2 problems arise: I can’t blow bubbles fast enough. I get tired of blowing bubbles. I figured the logical solution was to build a bubble machine. I would simply fill up the reservoir flip on the power switch and let it’s magic take over. Kid would be entertained endlessly and I could just enjoy sitting outside on the patio relaxing. Rather than plan out the build and document it as I went along I